Fantastic cultural experience – Alicante!

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Our STPM – course in Alicante is in full swing! This is a fantastic time to be in Alicante. They are celebrating for five days – a lot of fiesta! MASCLETÁ – an amazing pyrotechnic show in the center of Alicante. A Valencian tradition where hundreds of firecrackers are let off to create a deafening, rhythmic spectacle of sound. Then we have the Horgueras! Throughout the city over 90‘Horgueras’ (large satirical papier mâché statues declared as an International Tourist interest) are set
up. The night to the 25th of June is the  “Night of Burning” or “Noche de la Cremà. Throughout the city (starting just after midnight), they burn the ‘Hogueras’
under close watch of the ‘Bomberos’ (fire brigade). After that, five nights in a row, there is a fantastic fireworks show at the beach!! Our STPM course in June is alway this week! If you want a mix of an amazing cultural experience with dance, music, fiesta and a professional teaching course you this is the course for you!

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