STPM, November 2018, Reykjavík

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What an amazing first course experience in Iceland! 9 fantastic participants from six different countries shared a great week and learning experience! A great combination of course sessions, school visits and Iceland’s dramatic weather and landscapes! Thank you for making our first course in Iceland so memorable!

Here’s what some of our participants had to say

A wonderful experience by amazing educators! All participants had a great opportunity to update our knowledge as to current non-formal pedagogic approaches and teaching methods in order to introduce the element of creativity in our everyday teaching practice. Responsibility, trust, course providers who are there for you no matter what, plus fun-fun-fun! You are bound to come home totally different. This course is inspiration per se.
Konstantina Papaioannou, Greece

Great thanks to our educators Kristin, Sarah and Felicity! You made an excellent course with all your knowledge and good energy. You rememberd us that phisical activity and play are essential for learning to become more efficient and pleasant experience as well. We´ ve learned lots of practical methods that can be integrated in our teaching practice. You were really friendly hosts and made us fell very welcome. The participent were also so cooperational and nice. We´ ve joined learning good practise and having fun. A really inspiring week!
Natasa Govekar, Slovenia

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