STPM, March 2019, Reykjavík

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What a fabulous week!  Thank you so much, everyone!  We had 25 teachers taking part from 12 different countries and they all loved to play so great fun had all round! We also had the best bus driver who took us off the beaten track to explore a deserted waterfall and played the accordion to greet our return to the bus. He even knitted Icelandic socks while we enjoyed the golden circle and visited Icelandic schools!  We also really enjoyed our cultural evening at Kristín’s home trying out everyone’s specialties and some great national dances!  Let’s not forget that Kristín also met a troll!

Here’s what some of our participants had to say

It was an unforgettable week. This course is absolutely inspiring and great fun. The course instructors Kristin and Sarah have a well prepared and a well thought-out program, which they teach through activity and fun. I can highly recommend this course to everybody who wants to improve their lessons and wants to play more.Desirée Hapke, Germany

This was an amazing course which exceeded all expectations. The techniques we learnt about were very inspiring and all my colleagues agreed that we learnt a lot. The course organisers are very well prepared and experts in their respective fields. They are also extremely dynamic and fun. I couldn’t recommend this course enough – it is really learning through fun and play. Definitely worth following.Bernadette Stivala, Malta

A rich week of teaching carried by 2 energetic, competent and attentive trainers. All activity proposals have been experimented and can be transposed in the short medium and long term in any discipline and for any level of education. I look forward to sharing with my students and colleagues all that I have learned. Congratulations to Kristin and Sarah who, in addition, have created a beautiful group dynamic in a funny atmosphere! I highly recommend this training. Dominique Blessemaille, Reunion Island

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