If you are a school or organisation looking to innovate and implement a fresh, dynamic approach to teaching and learning in your setting, we have the training for you!

  • Tailor made courses brought to your organisation.
  • Innovative and effective methodology which is easy to apply.
  • Activities designed and approved by teachers and their students internationally.
  • A strong focus on student and teacher health and well-being.
  • Fun, highly practical and great for team building.
  • Vision planning and future steps integrated into the course.

By combining methodology from their projects Smartenglish Creative Language School in Spain and Play To Learn More in Iceland, Sarah Jane Anthony and Kristín Einarsdóttir create truly exciting and practical courses which focus on learning, developing confidence and creativity through play, movement and sensory activities.  They will give you new approaches and perspectives on teaching academic subjects as well as addressing fundamental personal and social skills.

Courses available

Courses range from 2 to 5 days long.  There are several course themes to choose from although all of the courses incorporate ideas from each theme:

The Active Classroom focuses on teaching academic concepts through games, movement and storytelling.

The Happy Classroom explores integrating health and well-being for both the teacher and their students as part of everyday teaching and learning.

The Eco Classroom looks at simple ways of making our classroom activities more sustainable including lots of fun activities and resources to use across the curriculum.

The Empty Classroom takes learning outdoors and explores activities for academic learning, health and well-being using natural resources and outside spaces.

The Little Classroom is a course focused on movement and sensory activities for our youngest learners from 0 to 6 years old.

The Language Classroom focuses on games, movement, sensory and storytelling activities to develop confidence and creativity in speaking and listening. 

Courses and sessions can also be adapted to suit particular age groups, subject areas or special needs.

Here’s what some of our participant schools and organisations have said about our courses:

CPR de Badajoz (teacher training centre), Badajoz, Spain, October 2019

Comments taken from official feedback from the local council of education and employment:

I loved the course, the methodology is really active and participative.  I have already started to put the games into practice and my pupils are really enjoying them.

Active, playful and great content.  Exactly what I like!

Really practical and activating methodology with so many activities which we can put into practice and adapt across the curriculum.

Regionalny Zespół Placówek Wsparcia Edukacji (teacher training centre), Opole, Poland, August 2020

A lot of inspiration, fantastic atmosphere, simple but very useful games.  I love it!  Amazing training! Bronia, teacher trainer and project coordinator

It was really worth attending. I regret not telling my colleagues about this course. Marzena, English teacher

It was a great week together with you both and your method “PTLM”.  I’m very inspired by this methodology.  I hope we meet again in the future!  Anna, teacher trainer

Skola Spoleczna (primary school), Rybnik, Poland, August 2020

The course was just amazing.  Great fun and a lot of ideas to implement 😉 THANK YOU!  Olga, English Teacher and course organiser

Great training! I was interested in learning through play for a long time but I lacked ideas.  I got a lot of interesting new ideas and techniques.  Great trainers! Thank you very much!  Michál, school psychologist

The best course ever! Justyna, class teacher