Are you are a preschool, primary or secondary teacher? Would you like to connect with like-minded teachers and engage in inspiring activities? Then this course is for you!

• Designed by teachers for teachers.

• Activities tried, tested and approved by students.

• Methodology renowned by teachers internationally.

• Innovative, effective and easy to apply.

• Icelandic school visits.

• Fun regional activities with local trainers.

Practise new concepts to optimise learning and explore the wonders of Iceland on our 7 day course with local trainers.

Kristín Einarsdóttir from Iceland and Sarah Jane Anthony from England have put together a truly dynamic course which will give you a close-up and personal insight into the Icelandic school system and first-hand experience of innovative methodology which explores fresh new ways to implement teaching ideas across the curriculum.

Visit Icelandic schools

As part of the course, you will have the opportunity to visit Icelandic schools at each educational stage. You will witness, first-hand, how Iceland, with only 330,000 inhabitants, produces so many well-known athletes and artists. You will see how outdoors, sport and practical subjects, such as home economics, woodwork and art, are given the same priority as academic subjects at all stages of education.

New approaches and perspectives on teaching

On the course we will give you new approaches and perspectives on teaching academic concepts as well as addressing fundamental personal and social skills.

These activities include:

  • teaching academic concepts and social skills through movement and P.E. games.
  • using storytelling, movement and sensory play to develop confidence in speaking and listening.
  • exploring practical philosophy techniques to solve problems and improve communication, thinking and decision making skills.
  • practising simple mindful and meditation activities to incorporate in your daily routine.
  • using smart devices and information technology to enhance student motivation and learning.
  • promoting the use of eco-friendly homemade resources as alternatives to plastic versions often found in schools.

All of these activities have play, creativity and well-being at their core and are adapted to the interest of our participants and the age group of their students.

Opportunities for professionals across the education sector

This course offers learning opportunities for professionals across the education sector including: Preschool teachers; Primary teachers; Secondary teachers; Special Needs teachers; Foreign Language teachers; and Subject teachers involved in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) projects at multilingual schools. It is also a great opportunity to practise and improve your own English skills in practical contexts.

Outstanding speakers

The course is hosted by Kristín Einarsdóttir and Sarah Jane Anthony. Kristín is experienced Early Years and Primary P.E. specialist and is the founder and author of the acclaimed teaching method Play To Learn More where academic subjects are combined with play and movements to optimize learning. Sarah Jane Anthony is an Early Years and Primary EFL education specialist, founder and director of Smartenglish Creative Language School, a leading English language education project in Spain.

Guest speakers on the course are Jóhann Björnsson and Sigurður Haukur; both experienced secondary specialists from Iceland. Jóhann Björnsson is a French, social studies and philosophy teacher and is currently working on his Ph.D. researching the importance of reflective thinking in education. Sigurður Haukur works as a teaching consultant for information technology for a large group of schools in Iceland.

Course aims:

  • To introduce the ideology behind Smart Teachers Play More and observe first-hand how the project is working in local schools in Iceland.
  • To give participants a close-up and personal insight into the Icelandic school system.
  • To give teachers new perspectives and approaches to teaching academic concepts including the use of: physical education, storytelling, information technology and practical philosophy.
  • To explore how we can improve the teaching of personal, social and communication skills.
  • To give first-hand experience and the tools they need to promote health and well-being.
  • To give teachers the opportunity to share successful activities they use in their own school/country so we can learn from each other.
  • To help teachers plan the vision for their ‘Smart Teachers Play More’ classroom with time to reflect on their individual schools and plan realistic steps for implementation and success.
  • To have fun, share experiences and learn from like-minded teachers from different countries.
  • To continue growing our network of teachers and schools from all over Europe and beyond!

As part of the course we will also provide:

  • Morning refreshments
  • A dinner party and hot tub experience at a local Icelandic home
  • Post dinner trip to see the Northern Lights
  • Visit to the local swimming pool and hot tubs
  • STPM backpack
  • Course material
  • Certificate of attendance

We recommend places to stay and help you with your airport transfer. We also offer our own local tours of amazing Iceland with our Smart Teachers Play More tour package!

  • Confirmed course dates: 7th-13th February 2021, 14th-20th March 2021, 13th-19th June 2021, 10th-16th October 2021, 7th-13th November 2021, 6th-12th February 2022, 13th-19th March 2022, 9th-15th October 2022, 6th-12th November 2022
  • Price: 595€
  • Location: Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Organising company: Leikur ad laera