Amazing course!

This was an amazing course in Iceland which exceeded all expectations. The techniques we learned about were very inspiring and all my colleagues agreed that we learned a lot. The course organizers are very well prepared and experts in their respective fields. They are also extremely dynamic and fun. I couldn’t recommend this course enough – it is really learning through fun and play. Definitely worth following.
 Bernadette Stivala, Malta
STPM Iceland, March 2019

Easy, fun and efficient!

The Smart Teachers Play More course in Alicante gave me the opportunity to see how simple, practical exercises can achieve quick, effective and long-lasting results. The teaching methodology is easy, fun and efficient.
Levana Tuyova, Bulgaria
STPM, Spain, October 2018

STPM, June 2019, Alicante

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What a fantastic time we had in Alicante during the “Hogueras” festival and street party! Fiesta, fiesta and more fiesta!  And with 21 teachers from 7 different countries to enjoy it with, we... READ MORE

STPM, March 2019, Reykjavík

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What a fabulous week!  Thank you so much, everyone!  We had 25 teachers taking part from 12 different countries and they all loved to play so great fun had all round! We also... READ MORE