Master the tools that will transform your classroom whatever your subject or education level!

Embrace the future of education with AI through a comprehensive course for Teachers and Educators!

Designed to be accessible for both seasoned educators and those new to the field, this course demystifies the integration of AI in educational settings. In this course, you’ll learn how AI can make learning more engaging and interactive than ever before. We’ll explore innovative ways to captivate students’ and pupils’ attention, using AI to stimulate curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of subjects. From interactive storytelling to personalized learning experiences, you’ll discover how AI can transform the traditional classroom into a vibrant and engaging space for all learners.

Whether you’re a teacher trainer, primary or secondary school teacher, this course offers valuable insights into how AI can revolutionize teaching and learning. Our sessions are crafted to provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, ensuring that participants can easily adapt AI tools in their teaching methodologies.

In this course, you will:

1. Learn to create simple ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ stories using AI, making your lessons more engaging (Interactive Storytelling with AI).

2. Get practical methods for using AI language models to support and enhance your teaching (GPTs and your personal assistants).

3. Use AI tools to easily create visual aids and learning materials, helping students understand concepts better (AI for Visual Learning).

4. Discover how to quickly make educational videos using AI, adding variety to your teaching methods (Easy Video Creation with AI).

5. Learn to design quizzes and tests using AI, making them more adaptable to each student’s learning level (Automated Tests and Quizzes).

6. Explore how to set up projects using AI that help students develop both technology skills and teamwork abilities (AI Projects for Tech and Social Skills).

7. Uncover AI tools that can simplify your teaching process and save time (Discover AI Tools for Efficiency).


– Interactive Storytelling with AI

– GPTs and your personal assistants

– AI for Visual Learning

– Easy Video Creation with AI

– Automated Tests and Quizzes

– AI Projects for Tech and Social Skills

– Discovering AI Tools for Efficiency

Suitable for teachers at all levels – from pre-school to secondary education – and educational professionals looking to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their curriculum, this course is your gateway to becoming a forward-thinking educator in the AI era. Join us to explore the endless possibilities AI offers in transforming the educational landscape.


  • To introduce how AI is changing teaching, learning and the entire world.
  • To create a fun and friendly learning space, where teachers can meet others, share experiences, and enjoy learning about AI in education together.
  • To explain different AI tools and how they can be used in schools, making it easy for any teacher to understand and apply.
  • To show creative ways to teach using AI, like making lessons more fun with interactive stories and games, and using visuals to help explain things better.
  • To teach practical ways to use AI for making learning materials, such as custom quizzes, helpful learning activities, and educational videos.
  • To present a variety of AI uses in education, enhancing language lessons and making classes more exciting and interactive.
  • To encourage sharing and learning from each other about AI in teaching, where teachers can exchange their own stories and tips.
  • To explore how AI can help with group projects, combining tech skills with working together and getting the community involved.
  • To help teachers plan how to use AI in their own classes, focusing on simple and effective ways to bring these new ideas into their teaching.
  • To grow a community of innovative teachers, connecting educators from all over who are interested in using AI to make their teaching better.


This course is led by Jaroslav Konvicka, an experienced English teacher and lecturer from the Czech Republic. With a Master’s degree in English Philology, his academic background laid the foundation for his journey into language and education. Jaroslav’s teaching philosophy centers on the student rather than just the subject or lesson plan. This belief led him to integrate large language models, text-to-image, and text-to-video technologies into his lessons, transforming language learning into an immersive and context-rich experience.

Jaroslav has also participated in several Smart Teachers Play More courses, finding that our approach resonates strongly with his own teaching philosophy. Inspired by these experiences, Jaroslav stepped away from the traditional school system to establish his own company. This venture focuses on offering personalized English courses for both children and adults, embodying his dedication to innovative and effective language teaching.

Beyond the classroom, Jaroslav is a passionate teacher trainer. He specializes in two pioneering areas: integrating AI in education and teaching languages without relying on textbooks. His approach is all about innovation, engagement, and enhancing the learning process to be both effective and enjoyable for students of all ages.


This course offers learning opportunities for teachers and school staff across the education sector including: Kindergarten; Primary; Secondary; Adult education; Special Needs; Teaching assistants; School management; Vocational education; Higher education; and Student teachers.


As part of the course and with your Icelandic hosts, you will have the opportunity to visit Icelandic schools at each educational stage. You will witness, first-hand, how Iceland, with only 330,000 inhabitants, produces so many well-known athletes and artists. You will see how outdoors, sport and practical subjects, such as home economics, woodwork and art, are given the same priority as academic subjects at all stages of education.


We also provide the opportunity to share good practice during the course so we can learn from each other and find partners for future projects: KA1 projects, job shadowing opportunities and/or KA229 projects.


One of our priorities while you spend your valuable time with us in Iceland is your well-being. Every teacher is important to us and we want you to feel valued and comfortable throughout your stay. As well as the extra activities we provide as part of the course fee (see below), we work hard to ensure you have a really good time. We ensure lots of team-building and “get to know you” activities from day one and our courses are dynamic and fun-packed. We are genuine Icelandic hosts so you will get the real Icelandic experience and we are renowned to look after our teachers really well.


• Morning refreshments
• Cultural evening
• Visit to the local swimming pool and hot tubs
• Course material
• Certificate of attendance


Join us on our own tailor-made local tour of amazing Iceland with our SMART TEACHERS PLAY MORE TOUR PACKAGE for both participants and their families! A great way to enjoy the wonders of Iceland, network and get to know your new European friends.


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COURSE PRICE: 595€ per participant