Bright nights and northern lights!

Every day is an adventure in Iceland with its rough rugged terrain, volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, hot springs, caves… The list of amazing sights is endless! You will also find that the local people are extremely warm and welcoming despite the chilly weather!

Our course is held at the home of the National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland; a modern building set in the Laugardalur Valley (Hot Spring Valley) which is a major centre for sports and recreation in Reykjavík. This is the ideal location for a course; set in beautiful parkland with a range of sports facilities, swimming pools and places to eat to choose from. You can also visit the Botanical gardens featuring an impressive selection of Arctic flowers and plants and the Family Park and Zoo where you can observe Icelandic wild and domestic animals.

As part of our course experience, you will get to spend time with the locals and do some typical Icelandic things such as visit one of the many outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs; sitting in a warm hot tub while it is cold and windy is a magical thing to do! You will also get the opportunity to visit a beautiful Icelandic home and enjoy a cultural evening with food, dancing and music where you can also have another dip in a hot tub too! We always finish our cultural evening off chasing northern lights (in the winter) or enjoying a bright night hill walk (in the summer)!

Smart Teachers Play More Tour

We also offer a fantastic tour experience for our participants with Icelandic storytellings and local delicacies to enjoy along the way. This includes:

An afternoon at the Blue Lagoon, a 2 hour guided tour to see the main sights and learn the history of the beautiful city of Reykjavík and a day trip to the rural south coast of Iceland including an earthquake exhibition and Golden Circle tour where you get the opportunity to experience Geysers, the famous Golden waterfall and see the Eurasian and American continental plates dividing in Þingvellir National Park!