Kristín Einarsdóttir, an experienced P.E. teacher from Iceland and Sarah Jane Anthony, an experienced primary and EFL teacher from England met in Alicante, Spain in 2016 where they were both running their separate projects at the time. Kristín was hosting a trip for Icelandic teachers with Play to Learn More courses on the beach and visits to local Spanish schools as part of one of her teacher training projects and Sarah was running Smartenglish Creative Language School and offering teaching courses for local teachers in the area.

Although they didn’t share the same specialisms, after taking part in each other’s workshops, they soon discovered that they shared the same outlook on teaching:

Teachers and their students need to play more.

Both with years of experience of working with schools, developing their own methodology and running courses in Spain and Iceland and with a real sense of excitement, they decided to create Smart Teachers Play More a truly exciting and practical course which focuses on learning, developing confidence and creativity through play, movement and sensory activities.

More about Kristín

Kristín teaches part time in a primary school in Iceland and is the founder and author of the acclaimed teaching method Play to Learn More where academic subjects are combined with play and movement to optimise learning.  Her passion is to train as many teachers as possible in the method in order to ensure that children everywhere can benefit from the powerful experience of learning using their senses and movement. Kristin works with over 30 schools in Iceland and has organised educational courses and conferences for more than 5,000 Icelandic and Scandinavian teachers in Iceland, Norway and Spain.

More about Sarah

Sarah is the founder and director of Smartenglish Creative Language School, Alicante which specialises in teaching English as a foreign language for young learners using creative methodology developed at the school. Over the past 8 years, Sarah and her team have researched and developed their own program and methodology to teach English through creative, sensory and meaningful activities. Central to their ethos is that if children and their teachers feel happy, secure, valued and inspired then great teaching and learning experiences will take place. Smartenglish has its main teaching centre in Alicante, Spain and works closely with local infant and primary schools. Sarah offers courses on a range of creative EFL classroom themes for teachers locally and internationally.

Our Icelandic Team

Sigurður Haukur worked as a secondary school teacher in Iceland from 2001 to 2015. He now works as a teaching consultant for information technology at Kópavogur group of schools in Iceland. He has an M.Ed. degree in Information Technology and has held numerous courses for primary and secondary teachers, and school administrators. As part of the Smart Teachers Play More course, participants will have the opportunity to explore a range of smart devices and information technology. Sigurður believes that neither teachers nor children grow too old to learn through play and combining this with information technology you will discover how to make learning more engaging and inspiring.

Jóhann Björnsson is an experienced Icelandic secondary teacher specialising in French, social studies and philosophy. He is currently working on his Ph.D. researching the importance of reflective thinking in education. As part of the Smart Teachers Play More course, he will give participants a first-hand experience into practical philosophy techniques to improve skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, coordinating with others, judgement and decision making. Skills that are considered fundamental for our lives in the 21st century. He believes the best way to improve these skills is through active engagement which allows you to practise and try out concepts yourself. Critical and creative thinking may sound like serious business however Jóhann helps us take notice of the funny side of life when necessary which brings smiles and laughter to the workshop.

Jón Karlsson, known as Nonni to his friends, is an Icelandic PE teacher and PGA golf professional. He has 30 years experience teaching PE and swimming in primary and secondary schools along with teaching golf to children and adults. As well as being Kristín’s husband, he helps run the PTLM project and organises educational trips for Icelandic teachers all over the world. He is the perfect Icelandic host and will help arrange any sport-related visits in Reykjavík for you as well as serving his famous chicken soup on our cultural evening! He has also been known to turn the northern lights on, just for us!

Our Spanish Team

Felicity Bennett is an experienced early years, primary and EFL teacher and a member of the Smartenglish team. She plays a leading role in the development of the project and methodology and is the drive behind our #ecochoice mission which integrates reducing, reusing and recycling into our practice. She is also our ‘fiesta’ expert and will help you make the most of the social activities in Alicante! If you need to know anything about fiestas, just ask Felicity!

Cristina Aragon White is an experienced handball coach and early years, primary EFL teacher. She is also a member of the Smartenglish team and our games and puppet making expert. Many of her games are incorporated into our methodology and you will meet her puppets as part of our storytelling activities. Cristina grew up in Alicante and is an expert in local history and culture. She is our official tour guide in and around Alicante. If you need to know anything about Alicante, just ask Cristina!