Combine academic subjects and language learning with play and movement games to optimise learning!

If you love to play and learn and have fun in the sun, this is the course for you!
  • Designed by teachers for teachers.
  • Activities tried, tested and approved by children.
  • Methodology renowned by teachers internationally.
  • Innovative, effective and easy to apply.
  • Fun regional activities in Alicante, Spain with local course providers.

With play, creativity and well-being at its core, this dynamic course will give you first-hand experience of Smartenglish and Play To Learn More methodology.

The SMART TEACHERS PLAY MORE (STPM) approach is inspired by sports, storytelling and mindfulness activities. It encourages multi-modal learning incorporating visual, auditory, reading and writing and kinesthetic learning styles among others. It is a holistic teaching method which is aimed for learners aged between 2 and 12 years old however can be adapted for lower secondary students.

Recent research shows that children move a lot less than they should and at the same time the pressure on teachers to show top academic results with a class of students with different needs is increasing. Using the STPM approach has proven to increase both students’ and teachers’ well-being and performance in the classroom. As a holistic approach, it enables students to work on cognitive, physical and social competences simultaneously.

The wide range of physical and sensory activities you will experience on the course will give you valuable tools to meet your students’ different needs when teaching academic concepts and language in the classroom.


• Movement games, station activities and obstacle courses
• Storytelling games and techniques
• Sensory play
• Quiet and mindful activities

All the activities provide rich opportunities for language and subject specific learning ‘in action’ without a worksheet or textbook in sight. We also promote the use of eco-friendly homemade resources as alternatives to plastic versions often found in schools.


• To introduce the ideology behind Smart Teachers Play More.
• To encourage physical activity whilst learning.
• To give teachers first-hand experience and the tools they need to promote well-being and teach academic subjects and through play, movement and the senses.
• To present a huge bank of games and gamification techniques to take away.
• To give teachers the opportunity to share successful activities they use in their own school/country so we can learn from each other.
• To explore how parents and the local community can be involved in their children’s education.
• To help teachers plan the vision for their ‘Play to Learn More’ classroom with time to reflect on their individual schools and plan realistic steps for implementation and success.
• To have fun, share experiences and learn from like-minded teachers from different countries.
• To continue growing our network of teachers and schools from all over Europe and beyond!


By combining their programmes, Sarah Jane Anthony from England and Kristín Einarsdóttir from Iceland have created a truly exciting and practical course.

Sarah Jane Anthony is a Primary teacher and English as a Foreign Language specialist. Her highly experienced team of teachers from Smartenglish Creative Language School (SCLS), Spain specialise in teaching English as a foreign language. Sarah and her team have researched and developed their own program and methodology to teach English through creative, sensory and meaningful activities. SCLS works with infant and primary schools offering curriculum support and workshops for children. The school also offers courses on a range of creative English Foreign Language classroom themes for teachers locally and internationally.

Kristín is a qualified P.E., yoga and mindfulness teacher from Iceland. She is also the founder and author of the acclaimed teaching method Play to Learn More where academic subjects are combined with play, movement and mindfulness activities to optimise learning. Her passion is to train as many teachers as possible in the method in order to ensure that students everywhere can benefit from the powerful experience of physical and mindful learning activities.

Kristin and Sarah work with over 30 schools in Iceland and Spain and have organised educational courses and conferences for more than 5,000 teachers in Iceland, Norway, Spain, Croatia, Poland and the UK.


This course offers learning opportunities for professionals across the education sector including: Preschool teachers; Primary teachers; Special Needs teachers; Foreign Language teachers; and Subject teachers involved in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) projects at multilingual schools. It is also a great opportunity to practise and improve your own English skills in practical contexts.


We also provide the opportunity to share good practice during the course so we can learn from each other and find partners for future projects: KA1 projects, job shadowing opportunities and/or KA229 projects.


One of our priorities while you spend your valuable time with us in Spain is your well-being. Every teacher is important to us and we want you to feel valued and comfortable throughout your stay. As well as the extra activities we provide as part of the course fee (see below), we work hard to ensure you have a really good time. We ensure lots of team-building and “get to know you” activities from day one. Our courses are dynamic, fun-packed and include activities on the beach. We are local hosts so you will get the real Spanish experience and we are renowned to look after our teachers really well.


• Morning refreshments
• A local trip to the beautiful village of Altea and a group meal
• Course material
• Certificate of attendance


Don’t miss out on our STPM discount at our course hotel in Alicante. We chose this hotel for its fantastic location: just 5 minutes from the beach, close to the old town and neighbouring the famous Santa Barbara Castle. This is an exclusive offer for our participants and their families only.


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COURSE PRICE: 595€ per participant

COURSE I.D. for Erasmus +: 120637